Hiring Furniture Removalists or DIY Removals?

Some individuals try to save money and do the furniture removal themselves. We’ve recently been Furniture Removalists now for quite some time and believe we are experienced enough to describe the Pro’s and Con’s of DIY Removals or hiring Professional Furniture Removalists. Furniture Removalists Melbourne

Before we outline the Pros and Cons there are a few questions that needed to be answered about your removing. These are:

1) Just how big is your property? 

2) How much is there to go?

3) Will it require a truck, or simply a ute?

4) Carry out I have any fragile items or items that I definitely don’t want damaged?

5) What is the access like at both the old location and the new?

When these questions have recently been answered you may already be leaning toward either DIY removal or using Professional Removalists. For example… If you answered you have a major house, lots to maneuver, some breakable items and tricky access, then My spouse and i indicate it is a job for the experts. But let’s look at the Pros and Downsides of both anyway!

DO IT YOURSELF Removal (I’m sure you have a mate who has an ute that could lend it for you or you could even look to hire a truck).


– Can easily save money on work costs because you (and family / friends) carrying out the manual labour.

– Can hire a pick up truck or borrow an utomhus and spread the removing more than a whole weekend taking your time.

– May look after the delicate items yourself and keep them safe and in your own control.


– Finding a truck or ute can be expensive if you get it for too long.

– Gasoline costs can add up if due to the small size of the truck or ute multiple trips are involved.

– Securing the load and packing all items properly is an art and craft that not everyone has. If not done properly your property could conclude broken or soaking in the middle of the highway!

– Close friends and family enthusiastically offer to help only to pull out for you at the last minute.

– Injury can happen scheduled not to knowing the right lifting techniques and maybe not being conditioned to this manner of manual time.

– Once the items are moved, you require to still have the energy to unpack!

Furniture Removalists:


– All the correct equipment will be on hand. eg: Trolleys, Straps, Pad (blankets), security and of course the appropriate sized truck or van.

– Removalists are time efficient due to their experience. There is a fraction of the time securing items down or negotiating doorways, because they really know what they are doing!

– Less energy and stress on you during the moving. This kind of saves your energy for the unpacking.

– The removal is over in a few hours or up to one day depending on size. With experienced removalists no domestic removing is going to take over 1 day. Thus you can enjoy your weekend!

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