How to Track Video Performance on YouTube

You tube production is the most crucial tool to promote your brand or product. E-commerce product videos is likely to make you list higher in search engine results, is a good strategy to attract customers, adds personal and professional touch to your brand or product, and has the ability to communicate a lot info for a short amount of time. YouTube dislikes

Every e-commerce store should use video as a part of their online strategy. However, the strategy will never work if you don’t know how to track your campaign. 

When you’ve learned to examine your videos, you can implement these ways of improve your chances of being searched, and increase sales.

Discover where the traffic is received from

It is essential that you see where your viewers are coming from. In your YouTube analytics panel, you will be presented with a graph that shows several sources of traffic along with the total amount of traffic every source. This graph gives you an overview of how your viewers are finding your videos.

Try this same type of analytics for your entire videos. Once you realize where the traffic is originating from, you can now determine the source of traffic that will be beneficial to you.

Figure out your audience better

To understand your audience better, the Demographics page in your YouTube analytics provide you with that. If you know the people in your target market, you can create a full content that is relevant to your actual age, male or female, and your current audience.

If you already have a set of target audience to market your products, reviewing video demographics will help you find the target audience that you desire.

Find out your geographical Impact

Also in the Demographics page, you may see where your viewers are. A lot of industrial sectors are generally not concerned where their viewers came from but if you is surely an ecommerce site, you should be bothered by the physical location of your audience.

YouTube Analytics demographics site will let you gain access to your viewers based on the region. The top 15 locations will be shown along with groups and genders.

Monitor your views

The amount of views in your video will provide you with the main metrics to consider when deciding the success of your content. More twitter views are usually found on the bottom of each individual video but if you need to obtain a more detailed views, Twitter analytics panel has a list to display the entire view count of your videos.

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