Understanding Hair Transplantation

Really estimated that 50% of men suffer from frizzy hair loss. This problem is brought about by many factors such as old age and hormones. The main junk that brings about the condition is testosterone. fuehårtransplantation.dk

Matching to experts, hair at the front and at the top of the head is usually genetically susceptible to this junk; consequently, it’s easily shed thus resulting to peladera.¬†

Hair at the factors and at the reduced rear of the scalp is usually genetically immune to the hormone thus really not lost thus it continues growing throughout a person’s life.

Alopecia is associated with unattractiveness; therefore, a lot of men tend to feel insecure about themselves which often results to loss in self confidence and production. The great side is that the condition can be corrected via hair transplant.

Hair transplantation methods

Right now there are two main ways of hair transplantation: follicular product grafting and follicular device extraction.

Follicular unit grafting (FUG) is the method employed by surgeons when they want to transplant large numbers of grafts. The method involves removal of hairs from the subscriber area (usually on the back and sides of the head) and the hair is transferred onto areas of hair thinning (usually at the front of the head).

The good part is usually that the transplanted hairs have a tendency to continue growing just like other hairs and you can’t differentiate them.

To undergo the method, you need to do plenty of research in order to get a good surgeon who will provide you with the best results.

The second technique of hair transplant is follicular unit removal or punch grafting as it’s popularly known. This kind of method is ideal when just small amounts of hair need to be transplanted. Here a doctor makes a tiny incision (usually 1mm thick) and removes the hair follicles. The removed follicles are transplanted on the balding area.

Advantages of hair transplantation

The process helps people to reestablish their head of frizzy hair thus many people are likely to restore their original look. This results to many people feeling very comfortable of themselves and as result they may have increased self confidence and esteem. The end end result is that many people tend to have increased productivity in both their careers and businesses.

The procedure is usually uncomplicated; therefore, you won’t feel any pain during the complete process. In fact you can chat with the surgeon throughout the process.

Cons of the process

The main flaw of the method is cost. Although, hair will be restored, it is inclined to be very expensive. For example, it’s common to find the process costing as high as several hundred thousand us dollars.

This is usually very costly for many people and the end direct result is shuttering of dreams of many people who have wanted to experience the method.

Post operative proper care will require several times and weeks. This means that you have to refrain from working for several of days or even weeks. This often leads to great will lose especially to the people in business.

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